Renewable & Sustainable Energy


As a growing forecourt brand, we are no strangers to the importance of carbon emissions and their impact on the wider climate. Reducing carbon emissions has always been at the forefront of our policy, and the best way to reduce and lower emissions is to become more energy efficient. Renewable resources provided from sustainable natural processes can be used to generate electricity and it is by using this low-carbon technology we can grow as a business whilst carefully considering our carbon footprint. 


Over 90% of the Valli Forecourt estate is equipped with the latest solar panel technology. The total solar energy installed equates to a solar efficiency of 970 kW. This alone generates approximately 850,000 kWh per year of green fossil free renewable energy. 

For every 1 kWh of solar energy generated, 0.701kg of CO2 emissions are saved. From these saved emissions alone, we effectively conserve approximately 600,000kg of CO2 every year. 

This is equivalent to:

  • 67,636 gallons of petrol consumed
  • 59,045 gallons of diesel consumed
  • 8 tanker trucks worth of petrol


Through our efforts and commitments towards investing in renewable energy, we are the market leaders in the forecourt industry for energy saving management. We continue to invest in LED lighting, voltage optimisers and solar panel technology to effectively sustain and support our energy saving ideals.

By using renewable and energy-saving opportunities, we will continue to take steps to use energy more efficiently and effectively.