Modern Slavery

The Modern Slavery Act 2015

Statement of Valli Forecourts Ltd and Ackworth Service Stations Ltd regarding the Modern Slavery

Act 2015.

The Modern Slavery Act 2015 came into effect on 29 th October 2015. This law criminalises modern

slavery and human trafficking which abuse fundamental human rights, taking forms including slavery

and forced labour. These crimes remove an individual’s freedoms in order to exploit them for

personal and/or financial gain.

Valli Forecourts Ltd and Ackworth Service Stations Ltd fully support this legislation as such activity is

against our ethics and Valli Forecourts Ltd and Ackworth Service Stations Ltd will not tolerate any

form of modern slavery and human trafficking within our business, as well as in our supply chains

and contractors.

This statement will be made available on the company website,, for all

who engage with Valli Forecourts Ltd and Ackworth Service Stations Ltd, whether in or in business,

so they may acquaint themselves with our stringent policies.

Our Businesses

The businesses are dedicated to providing their employees with a positive working environment

which complies with the requirements of all relevant legislation including, human rights, anti-

discrimination and fundamental rights at work.

Our Policies

Integrity underpins our core values and this means we will conduct our business lawfully and

ethically. In accordance with this commitment, we respect human rights and we will continue to

respect human rights in our business operations and business relationships. The businesses will not

knowingly support or deal with any business which is involved in slavery or human trafficking. Our

main protection against slavery is to ensure that all business activity complies with minimum wage

legislation and that our internal recruitment processes are transparent and regularly reviewed. We

have robust procedures for vetting new employees, ensuring that we are able to confirm their

identity and right to work in the UK.

We will quickly and thoroughly investigate any claim or indication that any area of our business or

supply chains are engaging in human trafficking or slave labour. We will address failures by our

employees to adhere to our code and policies; this may involve disciplinary action, up to and

including termination of employment. Similarly, if a contractor or supplier fails to act in a manner

consistent with our expectations or their contractual obligations, we will work with them to address

our concerns. Any instances of non-compliance of which the companies are aware will be assessed

on a case by case basis. Remedial action will be taken and tailored to the circumstances.

This statement is made pursuant to section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and constitutes

our slavery and human trafficking statement in respect of the financial ended 31 st March 2019.

1 st April 2019

Signed by Haroon Valli

On behalf of the Directors of Valli Forecourts Ltd and Ackworth Service Stations Ltd